when does RCI run their routes?

Currently we run our routes on Monday beginning at 7am, Tuesday at 2am, and Wednesday at 2 am.


Will the route times and days always stay the same?

Though this is currently the days and times of the routes we run, it may change due to customer growth or in order to better service our customers.

You start really early on Tuesday and Wednesday, how long are you out on route for?

We are usually done with our routes by 12:00 pm, however if you have any questions or concerns our business office is  currently open mon-fri 8am- 5pm.

How have you been able to supply such great service at such low rates all these years?

By keeping our in house costs low, we have been able to pass savings onto our customers while still providing them with premium service at a simple low flat service rate.

​​​Do you ever charge any surcharges or extra fees for regular service?

No. RCI refuses to charge any start up fees, environmental fees, or surcharges. we feel we should treat our customers as friends and family. therefore we don't charge our customers anything above a low flat rate service fee for regular residential service. You will never encounter any hidden or otherwise extraneous fees for regular residential service at RCI.

What if a customer wants to put out something large like a couch?

These items would be referred to as Bulk or excess garbage and are separate from our regular residential service packages. prior arrangements with RCI's business office must be made in order for bulk or excess items to be taken. While there are some items we cannot take due to government regulations, most regular bulk items can be taken, such as couches, chairs, tables, beds, etc.

How can a customer find out if their item is banned or not?

It's very easy! We have a banned item section on our services page that anyone can look at that shows what items are banned.

What kind of fees should a customer expect when making arrangements for bulk or excess garbage?

There is a per item charge for bulk or excess items. as these are items that are not part of a regular residential service package, we have to charge a fee per each individual item in order to cover the added expense of manpower, fuel, and hauling that these items present.

Does RCI post these fees or does the customer have to call in to find out how much of a charge it will be?

We've made it very easy for anyone wanting to make arrangements with us. there is a bulk and excess garbage service section in our services page that anyone can refer. this section lists a breakdown of the individual charges so they know what to expect before a phone call is even made. Or, someone can simply call us. we would be more than happy to provide them a breakdown of charges over the phone. Either way we are always more than willing to help anyone resolve waste disposal problems they may encounter.

Don't see your question listed? Feel free to use our contact page to get a hold of us!