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Residential curbside pickup of garbage.

Rates are on a per bag basis (1 bag is equal to 30 gallons).

Pick-up is once a week. Pick-up day differs by area.

Ash Removal

We offer an excellent ash removal service at a very economical rate!

Call us today to find out how we can help you dispose of your ashes without breaking the bank!


Commercial 2 yard or 4 yard dumpster service. (Dumpsters provided by RCI.)


Pick up can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly depending on your business's needs.

Dumpster service is available as a permanent rental or a one time temporary Commercial Disposal Service.

Extra/Bulk Service

Extra or bulk waste disposal solutions are a Per Diem service.

This service incurs extra charges

Call for rates and to schedule your extra/bulk waste pick-up


Banned Items

Some items are banned from landfills.

This are items that have special disposal requirements and thus we are unable to pick or disposae of these items.

No matter what your needs, Let us be your waste disposal solution today!